Hi, I’m Shikma. Welcome to my Blog “Rock! Paper+Scissors”, where you can find great ideas for DIY, fun in the kitchen, art activities for kids and more.shikma photo.jpg

I started blogging about my DIYs when I moved into my new home in the summer of 2012. My first blog is in Hebrew you can find it here: shikmabenmelech.com.
When I reached about 1,000 followers, I decided it was about time to translate my blog into English, so more people could be inspired and learn to create themselves.

For most of the DIY projects I do, you DO NOT need crazy expensive materials and hard-to-find equipment; the two main ingredients you should use are imagination and creativity { ok, some more supplies might be needed too } and as a side effect you will may experience endless joy and this tickle in your fingers that will make you want to create more and more.
{ Don’t say I didn’t worn you!!! }

A little bit about myself:

I was born and raised in Israel, where I earned my degree in graphic design. I was working as a designer for about 10 years – as an employee and self employed in my studio.

But even before I got my formal education as a designer, maybe since ever, you could always find me with scissors or pencil or yarn or needle or paint or glue or scraps or fabric or beads in my hands.

I moved to the United Stated with my husband and kids in 2001, when I started working as a preschool teacher. I fell in love with the opportunity to work with and influence kids life, so I went back to school to get my early childhood education diploma.

Working with young children for 13 years taught me so many things about creativity and open-ended art, and how creative kids (and adults!) can be if you only get them started…

Since we moved into a new house in a new city, I decided to go back to my original profession and enjoy designing again. I own three shops on Etsy, where I sell my original designs:

ChicMango –  personalized wall art and room designs for kids

Pomegranatree – pomegranates, party decor and home decor

HowDoYouDoIt – step-by-step photo tutorials for my original crochet, knitting and sewing patterns

You are more than welcome to subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media to be among the first to know about new designs and great sales events:






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