A Day at the Beach

top pictEN

The horizon. The waves. The serenity.
And the sand
and more sand.
Then you decide to go to the beach.
What do you take go to the beach?
A bathing suit, towel, hat, sunscreen, food in containers, a change of clothes, and beach toys.
And what do you take home?
bathing suits coated with sand
towels dusted with sand
a bottle of sunscreen covered in sand
and toys filled with sand…
And even more:

For the bathing suit/towel situation there still doesn’t seem to be a good enough solution — but you can try and shake them off as best as you can.
But for the sand and beach situation, we’ve come up with a solution:
{ Please welcome— }

Disposable~Recycled Beach Toys!

Even easier to make than it sounds,
Use old plastic bottles and containers to create beach toys, that can (and probably will) be thrown out at the end of a beach day.
Environmentally friendly and a no mess solution.

light blue

Materials Used:
  • Empty plastic milk containers (or empty bottles of laundry detergent-preferbally with handles), washed
  • X-Acto Knife, kitchen knife, or scissors


  • Hole punch
  • Thin rope

Funnel and Bucket

Cut the bottle halfway, just underneath the handle

The top half becomes a funnel

cut upsidown
And the bottom half becomes a bucket

hole punching

hole punch on either side and tie some rope to form a handle.
As simple as that!fennel+sand


Cut off the handle diagonally using the diagram below.
And you have an instant shovel to dig up sand.
drawing spoon


Use the rest of the handle-less container as a ship. Don’t forget to close the top, otherwise it may face the same end as the Titanic.

Sand Stamp

A simple drink bottle creates works of sand art, just use the bottom to press into the sand, lift, and reveal your masterpiece.
vitamin water
sand flower
The best part, no need for perfection. Some lopsidedness works just fine. Just try to avoid cutting sharp edges.
That’s it.
Three minutes of work.
Countless hours of fun.
light blue
And now I must reveal my real reason for going to the beach:
Photographing my new,

Family Size Beach Bag

two handles
This is the bag we bring with us to the beach (and also the pool)
It holds up to seven (!) towels,
Plenty of food containers,
Changes of clothes,
Bottles of water,
And of course, sunscreen.
(And in my case even a camera and a portable tripod)
Thought everything would get jumbled up inside?
Think again.
Inside there’s one large compartment,
and six smaller surrounding compartments with tags, to make finding everything a breeze!
There’s also a handy outer pocket
And (shhhh….) a secret compartment for your phone and wallet.
The bag also has one long handle, that can be transformed into two shorter straps – depending on your mood!
long strap
two handles
Want this bag for your own?
Well, make it for yourself!
Purchase this Beach Bag sewing pattern for only $4.99, and a PDF pattern will be downloaded to your computer in seconds!
It is made out of one window panel with eight ring holes, that can be found in any Walmart/Target store { no need to visit a fabric store! }
There’s no zipper or clasp, just a quick and genius trick.
Cut, sew, and pack for a day at the beach.
Each step is carefully photographed and explained in detail- that even the most beginner sewer, can make it.

I was so obsessed with the bag that I decided to make it in green:

green bag

And a more dressed up version, perfect for picnicking.


outter pocket newnewbaghidden picket

Click here for the instructions:

BeachBag Collagelogo


Don’t forget to send me pictures of your bags, I love seeing your projects!

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Hi! I'm Shikma. a mother, a wife, a designer. I have a huge collection of papers, beads, glues, fabrics, yarn and more, that any moment is about become something new.
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  1. גרפיקטו says:

    שקמה – את פשוט אלופה J

    נהניתי לקרוא!


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