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“Do you have an art class for little children?”
“Hmm… no, but I can start a class for young artists. Is that what you are looking for?”

And that’s how I’ve found myself sitting once a week around the table with a bunch of sweet little boys, building a neighborhood and solving big problems.
I had few plans for this art class, but the young builders had so many ideas – so we went with the flow and created the beautiful town of:



The first thing we made were –>


We used juice boxes and whipping cream cartons, because houses come in all different shapes and sizes, you know.

We covered the boxes with pieces of masking tape.


Then some engineers insisted we need doors and windows. Sharpie, please!

I hot-glued the houses onto a cardboard rectangles (that was once a box).

The engineers, again, demanded roads. How could I forget?!
Black paper stripes were glued between the houses.

By then it was time to say goodbye, but just before we zipped up our coats, we brainstormed new ideas to bring our new neighborhood to life:
Trees, cars, and yellow dotted lines on the road.


The next meeting we created –>


using the fastest-ever-paper-mache method;

We used foil to form balls: we smooched foil and added more and layers to create the top of the tree.

smoosh foil.jpg

We covered with masking tape strips and attached to a paper roll.


Then we glued on pieces of colored tissue paper, using white glue diluted with water (1/1).

We (but mostly I) then glued the trees onto the land with hot glue. Some of us wanted to create little bushes and boulders, so kids in the neighborhood would have something to climb and jump off of.

The next meeting, we created –>


using polymer clay (Sculpey) and plastic buttons.

We worked very hard to create the next generation of luxury cars.


While the clay was baking in the oven, we added grass, fruits, and red roofs to out neighborhood.

The neighborhoods are going home this week.
I can see the kids on the rug, adding blocks and plastic animals, spending hours playing with full blast of imagination and 0% of batteries and screens.finish3finish2finish4


Meanwhile in my studio –

I added new designs for my personalized wall art – for young kids, babies, and twins.


Lots of HEART shaped paper napkin rings has been ordered lately. I wonder if there is any holiday coming up…


I’m still working on new crochet and knitting patterns.
Until new ones will be published, you can enjoy step-by-step photo tutorials for hats, mittens, scarves, and baby blankets.





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I’m mostly here – sleeping a little and creating a lot!

About shikmabenmelech

Hi! I'm Shikma. a mother, a wife, a designer. I have a huge collection of papers, beads, glues, fabrics, yarn and more, that any moment is about become something new.
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