Chocolate Cake With Missing Ingredients

cakeboxHEAD Eng

Must make it clear:

This cake is filled with real chocolate,

but it requires No Baking,

it’s Gluten-free, and it contains

No added sugars,

No Food-colorings,

or Preservatives.

It’s a particularly special cake,

It stays fresh for a long, long time (years even!)

The kind of cake you just don’t meet everyday.

 The kind of cake you send a girl way across the sea.

flower closeup

I’ve got the type of daughter who has always loved birthday celebrations.

As early as two months before the actual birth date, she could be found making lists of party games, outfit choices, invitation designs, guest lists, and what would go in the all important goody bag.

The preparations were an important part of the celebrations themselves; it gave us a wonderful excuse for quality time and joint projects.

All our birthday parties { except for the Bat Mitzvah Extravaganza } were always celebrated modestly at home with friends, not anything over the top: a little art project, old fashioned party games (the ones we used to play at my own birthday parties), goody bags, refreshments

And of course-


cake top

The cake was always homemade (I would rather know what actually goes into the treats I serve the kids), usually filled with lots of real cream and decorations, and very importantly, CHOCOLATE.

Because what exactly is a birthday celebration without a little a lot chocolate involved?

And sometimes I broke my own rules and broke out a little food-coloring,

because it is a birthday after all,

and it comes around only once a year.


My present girl

For my twenty-fifth birthday I received the most wonderful present I could have asked for: motherhood.

And since then we’ve always celebrated a joint birthday.

My little present grew up beautifully, a caring sister, a good friend, any parent’s dream, happy and healthy, just as we had wished.

And at the end of high school she sailed across the sea to volunteer for a year.

Far, far away.

Very, very important.

And I miss her so much it hurts.

But the magic of technology helps,

Phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, Messenger – we’re together,

And we even manage to stretch our arms for far away hugs when we need it – – –

Typed words.

Written advice.

Links to songs.

Near and far get mixed.

And it’s all great and dandy—

Until the birthday rolls around.

(A breaking point. Well, almost)

The question stands: What about a cake?

With a little creativity we overcame this obstacle.

With a takeout cake, one that could survive suitcases and plane rides:

Chocolate Cake Filled with Missing Ingredients



  •  The best chocolate (in your opinion, ours comes in purple wrapping)

empty box

  • A round box with a lid, made of cardboard, tin, or wood


  • Chocolate-colored acrylic paints
  • Tacky or plastic glue in a squeezable bottle
  • Paintbrush


  • Colorful aluminum paper, or just plain silver foil

washi tape

  • Washi Tape in uplifting patterns

paper flowers

  • Paper flowers
  • Pearl stickers (or any other decorative sticker)


tacky glue

Write out and decorate your “cake” by squeezing your glue in the designs or letters that you wish. If you wish, you can just scribble-scrabble across and around with the glue, and it will look amazing too!

tacky glue dry

Let dry overnight



Paint over with your chocolate acrylic paint—Two layers is best, waiting an hour in between each coat.


In the meantime cut your chocolate into bite-size pieces.

foil square

Cut out your wrapping paper into squares (3×3″)

wrapping chocolates

Wrap each chocolate square with the paper
{ don’t worry, there’s a how-to video at the end}

wrapped chocolate bites

Enlist all family members in the wrapping factory line, and wrap each with a piece of Washi tape (don’t get to alarmed if it doesn’t stick to well –  it’s mostly there to look pretty)


Fill your “cake” box with the chocolates and plenty of hugs.


Decorate with the paper flowers and “icing” stickers

open +chocs

Right before you close the box, add in cards and notes from the whole family

wrapped box

Wrap up in cellophane to impress, and also protect the cake.

 Send in the mail { or with friends that happen to be going to visit their daughter as well, who is also her BFF }


Then you wait a few days for the surprise and joy screams

That travelled across land and sea

And which came all the way back to us – – –





In the heart.


Want to settle in for THE MOVIE? Get the popcorn!



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  1. אלונה says:

    שקמה – היצירתיות שלך מפתיעה בכל פעם מחדש!
    איזה רעיון מתוק, תרתי משמע…


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