Personal Mishlochei Manot, XS size

 edible flower pot

In my last blog spot I wrote that this year I am preparing our family Mishlochei Manot (Purim food baskets) ahead of time to avoid the Purim-craze traffic.

It allows me to keep calm,

knowing one big project is behind me,

and that I have more time for —

Yet another project!!!

{ Its the same story with laundry baskets that seem to fill themselves up as soon as you proudly empty it. And the sink. And the garbage. And the recycling bin. I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about…}

The kids started to sense that I might get bored having nothing to do, so they asked if I can help them make Mishlochei Manot for their friends.

I somehow convinced them it should be something small and symbolic, and that’s how these cute Mishlochei Manot were born:

Personal Mishlochei Manot, XS size.

The main idea is to give something small, cute, fast and creative. Something you will be happy to get and happy to give. And of course – DIY+K*

(*Do It Yourself + Kids).

Here are two simple ideas for Personal Mishlochei Manot for friends in school, friends at work, and friends on a diet.

Edible flower pot

edible flower pot

For each flower pot you will need:

  • One muffin or a cup cake (any recipe you like)
  • Soft bite-sized wrapped candies

    candies only

  • One small flower pot (plastic or terra cotta – clean of course)

  • Small skewers

edible flower pot
  • Colored paper scraps

  • Scissors

  • Markers

  • Scotch tape

    paper sciwhite patch


  • Place the muffin or cupcake in the flower pot

edible flower pot

  • Screw the candies on to the skewers

skewer with chocolate

skewers with candies

  • Plant the candies in the muffin

edible flower pot
  • Cut a piece of paper – rectangular, triangular or any shape you want

  • Add a note and tape on a skewer on the back

edible flower pot
  • Cut colored paper pieces in various shapes, i.e. ribbons, flowers etc., and glue on to the flower pot.


  • Keep in shade. No need to water!

edible flower pot
white patch

A Royal Figure

purim figure craft

For each figure you will need:

  • One bottle of soda, juice or water
  • One round fruit – a clementine is best – It stays fresh

coca cola and clementine

  • Foil


  • Colored paper scraps

construction paper

  • Tissue paper

tissue paper

  • Markers

  • A rubber band

  • Scissors

  • Scotch tape

tape, scissors, rubber band, marker


  • Place the clementine on the bottle

coca cola and clementine

  • Wrap with foil

coca cola figure wrapped with foil
  • Fold the tissue paper and attach to the figure with a rubber band for a cape

coca cola figure

  • Cut out a crown shape from your colored paper

creating a paper crown

  • Write a message
paper crown
  • Role and tape

making a paper crown

  • Place the crown on the head and secure with a piece of tape to the back


What other costumes can you give your figure?


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About shikmabenmelech

Hi! I'm Shikma. a mother, a wife, a designer. I have a huge collection of papers, beads, glues, fabrics, yarn and more, that any moment is about become something new.
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6 Responses to Personal Mishlochei Manot, XS size

  1. ronit says:

    Love your ideas! Happy Purim.
    מאחלת הרבה מרץ בחודש מרץ ובכל השנה.


    • רונית! בטח שיהיה הרבה מרץ! לרעיונות שלי אין סבלנות לעמוד בתור —-
      פורים שמח! קבלי ממני משלוח מנות וירטואלי (ללא סוכר/גלוטן/ויטמינים)


  2. תהלה says:

    יופי של רעיונות! הולכת לנסות את משלוח המנות העציצי


  3. אלי וכנרת גמרא says:

    משלוח המנות של יעלה לחברותיה התחפש מאוד יפה מאוד בזכות הרעיון שלך.

    תודה רבה,


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